DIY: Pen/Pencil Holder


Today’s DIY project is a pen/pencil holder. I particularly love this project because it is easy to create and almost all the materials used to make this project are recycled. You can use this for your office desk or any work place where you would use writing stationary.

You will need:

  • 10 wooden pegs
  • Hot glue gum
  • Spray can cap
  • 8 pieces of 11 inch wool
  • Razor blade
  • Scissors


Start by removing the metal, holding the begs together. It should look like this:


Wait for your hot glue gum to get hot and apply the hot glue on the smooth side of the peg, one at a time. Gently place the peg on your spray can cap. Be very careful as the hot glue gum tends to burn if mishandled.



Repeat the above procedure until the all cup is covered with pegs.


At the end you would notice that the last peg won’t fit into the space on the cup, don’t fret. Use a razor blade to shave up some of excess until the peg fits.


Tie wool around the gaps on the cup, to give it an edge.


Use scissors to cut out the excess wool.


There you have it, your pen/pencil holder. Hope you enjoy creating this as much as I did!



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